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File Preparation

Creating Best Design for Printing

Bleeds In Designing ?

bleed is one of the phrase used in printing which indicates the additional place which is needed in style as bleed place reduces off after printing is done. It should be 1/8th of an inches from each part. Graph Strike reveals item dimensions in regards to bleed dimensions of the style file

Take a look at some good and bad design files

Best  images for Printing?
While checking the images from printed images it is better to protect them in either tif, or eps structure. These picture types will protect along with and sharpness of your images the best. If you are going to protect your design computer file in gif or jpg types then most of the times these information do not perform best for publishing, Gif and JPEG squeezes the computer file to low quality and low size which works best on computer systems and websites but not in publishing. So duplicating an picture from internet for publishing may not perform well
If checking your picture please keep picture great such as 300 DPI or 400 DPI in case of written text with picture. checking picture in great definition with shop the of picture and sharpness of the shades. If you check out the picture and then expand it to 150% or 300% even then it will be bad for publishing. Doing this will outcome in unclear picture in publishing and bad and fluffy high quality on create out.Using picture in JPEG structure from digicam is much more better than using an picture duplicated from any web page, because high high quality of picture in camcorders is much more better than that of those available on sites.You must do some mathematical to create sure your image’s high quality is great enough in pixel to create. For example, if your electronic camera places out a common picture of 1280 x 960 p at 72dpi you get about 17″ x 13″ of picture (at 72dpi); this is the same quantity of details as an picture which is 4″ x 3″ at 300dpi so it’s secure to decrease or expand that picture in Founder up to about 4″ x 3″ in sizing.

Do you need design fonts to print?I need to send you my fonts?

If you are using conventional print styles then they are available with us too but if your print styles are differnt from commenly used print styles then addition of print styles in style will be best for publishing.If you do not know how to duplicate print styles please contact us or create down the titles of print styles used in publishing so that we can consist of those print styles in our software programs before starting your style file

How well will my design match with design on my computer?

Publishing and computer systems uses different technological innovation. Technology use RBG (Red, Natural and Blue) shades to make picture whereas printing use complete shades to make an picture.Cyan (blue), Natural (red), Yellow-colored and Dark (called “CMYK”). Now these are entirely different shading kinds and computer file needs to be transformed to CMYK before printing. This can be done using modifying system like PhotoShop or Corel Sketch. If you need help for shade alterations you can check out shade related area of our web page to coordinate shades or you can ask our experts helpYou may come across some really eye-catching shades in RGB structure which be very difficult to turn in CMYK formate. You Need experts help with that
Caution: It’s Best If You do the RGB-to-CMYK Conversion of Your Images!It is best to convert image file colors from RGB to CMYK to PMS colors so that you would know how exactly your product will look like after printing and in case of low resolution or RGB design file we will not accept the responsibility of wrong color match if there will be any. Sometimes you will not even notice above mentioned color shifts as they are so close to RGB colors that you do not even notice. If you pick really dim or really sharpe colors that may look differnt and it is always best to do color conversion before printing it.
Sometimes you may come across RGB colors which can not be converted to CMKY colors and someother times your high resolution RGB image do not suffer color change during pritning.RGB to CMYK Conversion Chart

Color photos don’t suffer much from CMYK translation

RGB picture
(Computer Image)

CMYK picture

Dealing with Small and Colored Text?

Please do not shade little written text or do not put vibrant boundries on entirely little written text. As every publishing procedure have some modifications as publishing media function using balanced out publishing technique where there always is little bit difference in reliability of shade or place. CMYK shades are prepared in actions and once there is difference in dishes it may look cloud or extremely slim summarize may not fit together and with publishing it may look bad.

Using Text Over Image?

You need to be very cautious with written text over picture. Either picture needs to be watermarked or cleaned out or in dim shades so that written text will be popular. This may not make any publishing problem but it can make visible problems for the item. You can modify your style using Corel Sketch, Adobe Adobe photoshop or Colour Store Pro.


Not Sure if your file is Printable?

If you are not sure as your file is printable or not you can send your file for examination at

Do Not Merge layers in Design

Do not combine any levels in your style computer file, or do not use a mixture of low quality style files with custom created style which can result in difference in publishing and we can not be responsible for any publishing mistake because of your style computer file.

It,s best to get your style computer file analyzed by our professionals before you accept it for publishing.

Best File Format
  1. GOOD: TIF or EPS files .
    • If you start with a JPEG or GIF file that needs to be edited, save it as an EPS or TIF file before you make any edits. Then edit the EPS or TIF file to maintain image quality.
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